As a member of Mallow Credit Union we can offer you a wide choice of borrowing facilities.

There are no hidden fees or transactions charges.

A repayment schedule can be drawn up that fits your income level and personal circumstances.

Principal & Interest Repayments are calculated on the reducing loan balance.

Loans may be repaid earlier without penalty.

Additional lump sum repayments accepted with no penalty

Should you require additional finance before your existing loan is cleared, we will be glad to talk to you and help in any way we can.

Loan protection insurance covers our loans at no extra cost (terms & conditions apply).


Loan Types:

  • Standard Loans: 9% 9.4% apr.
  • Student Loan 4.0% 4.07% apr.
  • Secured Lending 5.5% 5.65% apr.
  • Promotional Car 7.49% 7.77% apr.
  • Promotional Home Improvements 6.95% 7.18% apr.
  • One Year Loan 5.5% 5.65% apr.



Other information

Mallow Credit Union is now a member of the Irish Credit Bureau (ICB), therefore we will be carrying out a check on loan applicants and the repayment record on your loan with Mallow Credit Union will be given to the ICB. It is important, therefore, that members adhere to their Credit Agreement as failure to do so may hinder your ability to borrow in the future.