Spike in Fraudulent Messages

6 July, 2021

Mallow Credit Union is advising all its members to exercise heightened vigilance in protecting their personal banking details as cyber attacks and cybercrimes have increased since the start of the pandemic.

Your personal credit union account is protected by your security credentials that should only be known to you and not contained within any external systems. We are asking members to be careful if they receive an email from noreply@mallowcu.ie especially if you have not engaged in any communication with the credit union. If you are ever in doubt please contact us directly by calling your local branch, by not clicking on any links and by deleting spam messages. We have not been made aware of any Mallow Credit Union member account data being compromised. Mallow Credit Union continues to actively monitor the situation in order to protect its members.

Several text message scams have also been circulating in which fraudsters claiming to be your financial provider and ask you to review a transaction. The link will bring you to a fake website looking for personal and financial details.

Sample text:


↪️ Never give information via SMS or click on links. Do not click on a link or attachment from unsolicited emails or text messages.

↪️ If you think you have responded to a scam text message, contact your financial provider immediately.

↪️ Never use phone numbers in a text message as this could be a fake number, call the number on the financial providers’ website.

↪️ Never give away personal information, card payment details, account details or security details such as your PIN or online password to anyone.

↪️ Remind those more vulnerable to take extra care.

Visit fraudsmart.ie to say informed.