GDPR & You

Mallow Credit Union respects your right to privacy

At Mallow Credit Union Ltd. we take your privacy seriously. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) enhances your privacy rights under EU data protection legislation. It aims to strengthen & unify data protection for all EU individuals & in some cases those outside of the EU. It brings with it further obligations for organisations (like your credit union) who process your personal data in order that your personal data is fully respected. Processing is basically doing anything with, even storing, your personal data.

The Principals of Data Protection

When we process your data we must do so in line with the following principles:

Personal data must be:                                                             It must be processed: 

– Adequate, relevant & limited to what is needed                    – Lawfully, fairly & transparently

– Accurate & up to date                                                                 – For specific, explicit & legitimate purpose(s)

– Kept no longer than is necessary                                              – In a secure manner


Privacy Notice

Under the GDPR, Mallow Credit Union Ltd. must provide you with a Privacy Notice where we outline certain information for example what personal data we use, what purpose(s) we use it for, how long we keep it, to whom we disclose it etc.

You are entitled to receive a copy of our Privacy Notice, which is available to you in-branch or to view here: privacy policy

Lawful Basis

Before we can even collect your data we must ensure that we have a lawful basis to process it. There are 6 lawful bases upon which we can rely to process your data:

– Where you have consented.                                                – To fulfil/enter a contract.

– Where we are legally obliged to.                                        – Where we are legally obliged to.

– Where we have a legitimate interest in doing so.           – To protect a person’s vital interests.

– To complete a public task.


For more information on GDPR & your personal data please email: or contact your local Mallow CU branch.