We’re seeking committee volunteers

Volunteer with your local Credit Union

At the heart of every credit union is its volunteers. The committee members of every credit union are drawn from local people who have the skills and knowledge to lead and manage the long-term success of the credit union. Presently, we are seeking new committee volunteers.

Mallow Credit Union relies on the enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers who give their time freely to develop and enhance the services of their credit union.

 In return for volunteering, credit union volunteers are afforded the opportunity to;

  • Gain new skills and experience with a professional financial services provider
  • Enhance personal development through targeted training programmes
  • Increase career prospects by adding a valuable achievement to CVs
  • Meet like-minded people from the community
  • Know that they have helped the continued development of a professional service which benefits the entire community.

Any ability to make a contribution is appreciated. There are policies and training in place to support volunteers in their roles, adhering to co-vid 19 restrictions.

If volunteering with Mallow Credit Union sounds like something you might be interested please call into your local branch or email: to learn more.