Make the Switch

13 October, 2023

Make the Switch to electronic AGM notices and be in with a chance of winning €200!

As we approach International Credit Union Day on Thursday 19th October, we are asking our members to “Make the Switch” from a paper AGM notice (which at over 28,000 active members, is a huge amount of paper to print each year) to email. It will go a long way towards reducing our carbon footprint and costs, which can be invested into other CU activities.

Anyone who makes the switch from Mon 16th – Sat 21st October will be entered into a draw to win €200, lodged directly into their Mallow CU account. 

Simply email with your name, account number, phone number & email address (if different from the one you send the email from.)

Previously given permission for e-AGM notices? Thank you! We need your permission to enter your info in this draw so send us an email, as above and we’ll happily include you.

If your email address isn’t already registered to your account our team will have to contact you to verify your account details. Upon verification, you’ll be included in the draw. By sending the email you agree to be included in the draw and have your photo taken and shared on our social media channels and website. Normal terms and conditions apply, see below for more details.

The bigger picture

In 2023, Credit Unions across Ireland were appointed Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) champions by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications. We, along with 26 other organisations from across society were chosen as part of the 2023-2024 SDG Champions Programme, to serve as leaders in driving forward Ireland’s progress towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Being sustainable really means that we consider the needs of the next generation while living in the here and now. Being environmentally sustainable is important, but we also need to be promote social (e.g. housing and education) and economic (e.g. employment) sustainability. For a person to thrive, they need access to financial services to drive both their social and economic development.

With 8 locations across North Cork & West Limerick, Mallow Credit Union is ideally placed to be the sustainable leaders across the communities we serve. Among the goals is “Climate action and mitigating climate change”, a long term goal that we can all sometimes lose sight of as we manage the everyday challenges. However, it is the most important long term goal for the quality and functioning of our planet. We’re grateful for our members’ support as we endeavor to make positive environmental changes to how we operate.

Full T&Cs:

Members’ Prize Draw Rules:

Mallow Credit Union may organize prize draws for its members from time to time to show appreciation for their support.

  • Members of Mallow Credit Union Ltd, over 16yrs of age, will be included in the draw.
  • Mallow Credit Union Ltd.’s Directors, Board Oversight Committee, Management and Staff will not be included in the draw.
  • The draw is free of charge to our members.
  • You must retain a share balance of €10 minimum to remain a member of MCU and be eligible to participate in each draw.
  • Your account must be active to be included in the “Make the Switch” draw. Active membership is retained by transacting on the account at least once in the previous 3 years.
  • Draw will be held on Monday 23rd October
  • Draw will be supervised by a draw commission formed of 3 MCU staff members.
  • If you are a winner and have arrears on your loan account at Mallow Credit Union Ltd., you will clear the arrears first before collecting the remainder of the prize.
  • The prize for the “Make the Switch” draw is a €200 prize, the prize will be lodged electronically into the winner’s Mallow Credit Union account only. No alternative can be provided.
  • We will request for the winner to participate in an in-branch presentation photo and to allow us to post this to our website/social media channels. Members have the right to refuse these requests.
  • Winner will be contacted by telephone, text, email or letter and informed of their prize
  • Entry is limited to personal accounts only (club & business accounts are exempt)
  • With regard to joint accounts, one prize per joint account.
  • Draw is audited by MCU’s independent internal and external auditors
  • The decision of the Board of Directors of Mallow Credit Union Ltd. concerning the interpretation of these rules or any matter arising from the draw will be final.
  • These Draw Rules may be amended, updated rules will be available from our office and website